A-Z of Hub

A is for About Us

Since 1992 our company has helped thousands of domestic and corporate customers to protect, love and care for their heating and hot water systems.


It goes without saying that all of our engineers are gas registered, but we also insist that they have a minimum of ten years’ experience in the industry before joining us. Only then do we feel comfortable that they can offer the specialist knowledge of often complex machinery and systems we know our clients expect.


Our goal is to solve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible and to get the most from your heating and hot water systems by helping you keep them in tip top condition. That way your bills stay as low as possible and your home feels nice and toasty when it’s cold outside.


Another thing we pride ourselves on is good old-fashioned courtesy and manners. We treat you with respect. We don’t promise things we know we can’t deliver. Our prices are fair for the work involved as opposed to eye-watering.


The fact that so many of you use us for regular maintenance gives us a warm glow of pride. We’re happy if you’re happy and having us back tells us that you are.

B is for Boilers

“My boiler has packed up. It’s snowing outside and the kids are freezing”. We hear this sorry saga so often during December and January and we feel for you. Of course we’ll come round and put an end to your shivering. We’re aware boilers aren’t the sexiest topic of conversation but please bear with us for a few minutes while we share some information we consider pretty important.


Firstly, every boiler we install in the UK is a ‘Best Buy’ boiler, which means it’s A rated, highly efficient and has been rigorously tested for proof of quality. When we say quality, we mean quality – 95 out of 100 boilers desperate for the prized ‘Best Buy’ qualification are rejected. Oh, and all our boilers are made in the UK. We’re a sentimental enough bunch to believe in supporting our own domestic industries.


Choosing a new boiler is an important decision and we’ll hold your hand to ensure you make the right one. There’s no point in installing a piece of kit that is far too big for your home. Not only will your bills rocket, it simply won’t heat efficiently. One that is far too small will also let you down in ways that are obvious so we don’t need to explain.


Our role is to listen to what you want then advise you on the best boiler for your particular needs.


We’ll prevent you from overpaying your utility company whilst ensuring comfort in your home during the nippy months. Of course our boilers and installations are guaranteed.


We’re so big-headed about the quality of our work that we offer not one but six guarantees. But more of that later … we’ve decided to save it for our ‘Job Well Done’ section.

C is for Customers

It’s difficult to generalise who our clients are, because they form a wide range. However if pressed, we can reveal the majority are aged between 35 and 70 and are home-owners who work in mid to senior management. They live anywhere between Central London down to the M4 and M25 corridors. They’re savvy, cost conscious and are not going to let anyone who looks or sounds dodgy into their homes.


We can confirm that the two most common questions our customers ask when they first ring us up are “How much do you charge?” and ”When can you get here?”. We don’t mind. It keeps us on our toes.


Without our customers there would be no Aire Serv. We value them enormously. We cosset our regulars so they know how much we appreciate and would miss them but we like the challenge of new faces too. Be it our first or fifth visit to your home, our job is to put your mind at rest.

D is for Doug Mulcahy

doug use thisDoug is our Operations Manager and comes with 31 years of experience in the heating industry.


He started his career as an apprentice at British Gas. After 11 years he moved to Baxi – the biggest boiler manufacturer in Europe – where he was promoted to Technical Manager. In 1998 he started his own business with a partner and they built it up into a successful group with a sizeable turnover. In 2014 Doug sold his share of the firm and joined Aire Serv.


“As well as having years of hands-on experience in the heating industry, I understand the processes behind the equipment” he explains. “Many people working in local plumbing and heating have a small background in gas and a large background in plumbing. I know about hydraulics, why appliances do what they do and how each individual component works”.


This level of in-depth knowledge comes in pretty handy when your boiler has broken down and you need expert help fast.


The media is always full of stories about people being ripped off by so-called ‘engineers’ who could more appropriately be described as con artists.


You can trust Doug because he knows what he’s doing. So let’s give him the final word: “We look at your whole system not just the problem, so we are able to provide an entire diagnostic review of your heating function.  We don’t take your money and run. We want to make a difference”.

E is for Ethics

This little word is very important to us here at Aire Serv. So much so that we have drawn up a Code of Values that all of our employees must agree to operate under. Here it is:




  • treating others as we would like to be treated.
  • listening with the intent to understand what is being said and acknowledging that what is being said is important to the speaker.
  • responding in a timely fashion.
  • speaking calmly and respectfully, without profanity or sarcasm.
  • acknowledging everyone as right from their own perspective.




  • making only agreements we are willing, able and intend to keep.
  • communicating any potentially broken agreements at the first appropriate opportunity to all parties concerned.
  • looking to the system for correction and proposing all possible solutions if something is not working.
  • operating in a responsible manner, “above the line”.
  • communicating honestly and with purpose.
  • asking clarifying questions if we disagree or do not understand.
  • never saying anything about anyone that we would not say to him or her.


Customer Focus


  • continuously striving to maximise internal and external customer loyalty.
  • making our best effort to understand and appreciate the customer’s needs in every situation.


And Having Fun In The Process!


That’s it. It might sound a little hokey but it works for us. Walking the talk has proved the best way of doing business. Our engineers take a pride in every job and our customers are happy and warm in winter.

F is for Fees

Aire Serv promise to fix the problem the first time or else it is free.


Aire Serv promise to fix the problem the first time or else it is free.


We charge by the job not the hour.


We come out, tell you what has  gone wrong in your system and charge a flat diagnostic fee of £69 + VAT. Having identified the problem, we present you with your options. If you wish us to fix it for you, we waive the diagnostic fee from the total cost of the job.


We give you a detailed upfront quote for the work so it is clear what you are paying for and there is no confusion or nasty surprises. You will be paying the same rate for the job if it takes one hour or three. Please don’t ask us to quote for what you think the problem might be over the phone.


It’s just not professional to do so because each repair or installation is different.


You’ll find our prices for servicing under ‘M for Maintenance’. All of our engineers carry our company price guide so you can be assured that it’s never a case of making prices up on the spot or chancing our luck depending on what we think you might be willing to pay. It simply means we can quote for the job when we’ve identified the problem, allowing you to quickly decide whether to proceed or not.

G is for Guildford

It could just as easily be Godalming, Gomshall, Great Bookham, Gatwick, Gerrards Cross or Greenwich. Just a few of the places where we helped people to stay warm with piping hot water during 2014.

H is for Heating

Of course we fix and maintain but what really gives us a thrill is ensuring that our customers get the most from their heating systems.


Did you know that more than 75% of your household energy consumption is taken up with providing heating and hot water. That’s a fair chunk of your utility bills. But we’re happy to share a few secrets that might reduce them.  The most efficient way to run your heating system is through the proper use of heating controls. By answering a few simple questions you could save yourself valuable dosh to spend on something else.


When do you want to be warm?  Set your timer to work around when you get up, go out, come home and turn in, bearing in mind it takes about an hour for your house to warm up.


Where do you want to be warm? If your heating system is in one large zone with a single thermostat, all your rooms will heat up together. By altering the setting on a radiator valve you can change the target air temperature allowing you to only heat some rooms.


How warm do you want to be? Most people set their thermostats to between 20/21 degrees for a comfortable temperature but that doesn’t suit everybody. If you and your family are hot blooded souls, try lowering it to 18 or even 15.

I is for Installations

Sadly there are heating systems out there which are so woefully neglected, the day comes when they simply heave a last pitiful sigh and expire.


If your boiler has reached the end of its’ days, we explain about the three main boiler types – combination, heat only and system – and help you decide which best suits your needs. We’ve never bought into the size is everything argument.


A bigger boiler not only costs more to install but eats up the pennies every time you use it. By carrying out a full survey in your home, an Aire Serv engineer can calculate with certainty how much – or little – heat you need to get your rooms toasty, and advise on the size of boiler you need to achieve that.


We design and install systems in homes and businesses every day so be assured you are in safe hands. For maximum peace of mind, there are those 6 guarantees we mentioned earlier

J is for Job Well Done

You expect nothing less. We deliver nothing less. So we offer clients:


Performance guarantee – our systems heat your home to our design temperatures or we correct it at no cost to you.


Satisfaction guarantee – if you aren’t completely satisfied with your new system anytime during the first 12 months, we will make the necessary changes at no cost to you.


No Lemon guarantee – if the unexpected happens and the heat exchanger in your new unit fails within the first year, we will replace the entire boiler. You can extend this guarantee for up to 10 years if you choose.


No Quibble guarantee –  when we say that everything needed for the correct installation of your system is included we mean it. In the unlikely event that we forget something, please have it on us.


System Assurance guarantee – our full coverage guarantee covers every component of the installation – not just the boiler.


Manufacturers guarantee – we offer up to 10 years on some select ‘platinum’ products.


Phew! Can you think of any other company prepared to offer you all that? We’re a generous bunch at Aire Serv and we like our customers to feel safe. If it takes half a dozen guarantees, we’re cool with that.

K is for Keen

One thing we’re not short of is enthusiasm. Our engineers are keen to repair, service, maintain, help, design, advise, reassure, protect and troubleshoot. We like to think our prices are pretty keen as well.

L is for Long-Term Relationship

It might sound coy, but when it comes to new clients we are not looking for a quick fling. We want to build a lasting relationship with you. We want you to tell your friends and family how happy you are with what we do.


Along with thousands of our customers in London and along the M4/M25 corridor, we hope you will put your trust in us and keep coming back to us year after year. So we take the view that no job is too small.


Please do call us if you’re worried about that odd sound from your boiler – even if it’s just a case of being able to put your mind at rest, we welcome it.


“The way we see it is that by helping you to fix a simple problem it could lead to a longer term business relationship” says Doug Mulcahy. “As soon as we meet with you we start developing a rapport with you. Our aim is to become your company of choice rather than of convenience”.


The better we know you the easier it is to help you, because we have a deeper understanding of your systems, lifestyle and personal preferences.

M is for Maintenance Plans

A healthy boiler is a happy boiler.

There are four levels of maintenance plans available from Aire Serv: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. All include preferred customer status, priority service and member discounts.


Silver, Gold and Platinum level covers all costs of scheduled maintenance and the platinum level includes £350 towards the repair of heat exchangers.


Most systems will not break down if they are maintained correctly.


By allowing us to ensure it is running at its’ most efficient operating level, your service cover cost is likely to pay for itself.  Pamper your boiler and it will show its’ gratitude in the long run.

N is for No Call Out Charge

You read it right. No call out charge ever – because we’re a local firm.

We live in Surrey too so it isn’t too much of an effort to get to you.

O is for Offers

Everybody likes a bargain and we’re no exception. So here’s a couple of tasty reductions and offers for you to get your mitts on. But don’t hang around because we’re only being this kind until 31 March 2015!


*  £20 off your service when you mention code RC1001


*  £300 off high efficiency boilers


By recommending us to your family and friends, we realise you are putting your reputation on the line. So if they become a customer because you’ve bigged us up, we’ll thank you with a £25 M&S voucher to buy a stack of goodies to enjoy in your nice warm home!

P is for Problem Solving

Your cold radiators are our challenge. Your leaky boiler is our dilemma too. We want you and your family to have hot showers and warm rooms as much as you do.


So our promise to you is that we won’t rest until normal service is resumed and you’re all relaxed and smiley again.


Our engineers really do know their flues from their combustion chambers and their pumps from their header tanks. Most boiler malfunctions are caused by component failure but an engineer with one years’ experience might not be able to locate and diagnose the fault as promptly and accurately as an engineer with 10, 20 or 30 years’ experience in the gas industry.


Put your heating problems in our capable hands and we guarantee we will solve them.

Q is for Quick Same Day Service

“How soon can you get here?”


If we had a £1 for every time we have been asked this question we would be sunning ourselves in Barbados instead of still working. We know it’s a pain not having any hot water. We agree that no heating on a freezing day is the pits. So when you call us we come running as fast as we can. If you ring before 1 pm, we’ll do everything in our power to get to you that day.

R is for Repairs

See J is for Job Well Done, K is for Keen, N is for No Call Out Charge, P is for Problem Solving, Q is for Quickly ………………. then please call us.

S is for Smart Appearance

The stereotype of the scruffy tradesman exists because it’s an unfortunate reality that many show up for work looking like a scarecrow. You know the type. We know the type. Fact is that dirty sweatpants, stomach and backside hanging out and grubby trainers don’t inspire confidence.


The moment Mr Unkempt arrives on your doorstep you’re already wondering whether you’re going to be ripped off. Is he technically competent or a cowboy?


Aire Serv engineers turn up looking the part of a professional engineer who knows what he is doing. You’ll find us in smart blue shirts and trousers and we even bring our own doormats and foot covers so we don’t make your carpets messy or tread mud all along your hallway.

T is for Transparency and Trust

We haven’t yet mentioned that all of our engineers are drug tested and CRB checked.


When we first started out we figured this was really important because customers need to know that they, their families and their possessions are safe when a total stranger comes into their homes.


Some jobs might take the best part of a day to complete, particularly if our technicians are installing a boiler or new hot water system. You need to feel confident that we are the kind of people you feel comfortable leaving in your home whilst you pop to the corner shop or are working in another room.  We need to be the kind of people you like having around the place because you trust us.


Aire Serv believe in total transparency because we have nothing to hide.


We’re not complicated, we’re not dodgy and there is no catch.


All our engineers genuinely have more than a decade of experience in the gas industry and we think we’re a pleasant and well-mannered bunch to spend a few hours with if you have to.


In the unlikely event of anything going pear shaped, we have full public liability insurance up to £5 million. Very few smaller companies or sole traders in the industry are insured for anything like this amount. Just another reason to make you feel all warm, snuggly, safe and secure with us.

U is for Utmost

This is what we promise to do on every single job; large or small.

V is for Value

We value your custom enough to guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our service. If there is anything at all that you are not happy with, we will come back until you are – or give you your money back.


If we lose you as a customer, we’ve done something wrong. We call it standing behind our work, going the extra mile, stepping up to the brink, giving 150% and a whole host of other cliches. You probably just call it excellent service. We also happen to reckon that we offer pretty good value for money as well.


For starters, a 35% fuel saving is not to be sneezed at. It’s the cost of a decent mini-break every year. And don’t forget the other lovelies we throw in when we install your system:


* A full guarantee for as long as you want (you can extend your

guarantee beyond what the manufacturer is offering).


* Fully-trained engineers to install your system – not gas safe

registered plumbers.


* Priority attention at all times. You jump to the head of the queue.


*  1,300 kg of CO2 saved every single year – that’s a lot!


*  A system that has been designed exclusively for your home by a

skilled Comfort Designer.


* A guarantee that your system will run at the maximum efficiency

whilst at the same time giving you a nice smug feeling that you

   won’t be overpaying your utility company.

W is for Woking

Doug Mulcahy and his wife have lived there for over a decade and have children at local colleges. He knows the area like the back of his hand. It could just as easily be Walton on Thames, Weybridge, Wimbledon, Wisley or West Byfleet though. Just a few more places where we kept radiators sizzling and boilers happy throughout 2014.

X is for X Factor

We know we have it and thankfully our clients agree with us:


“I must say how impressed I was by the standards of workmanship, competence and civility of your team”.


Paul Jackson, Edgware


“Polite, friendly and explained in detail what was going on. The job was completed quickly and now the system works very efficiently”.


Claire Stevens, Surrey


“I panicked when our boiler started leaking because I envisaged enormous expense ahead. I rang Aire Serv and Doug arrived within two hours. He was able to explain which component had failed and order the new part from his supplier on the same day. He collected it at 9 am the following day and by midday my boiler was working beautifully again. I loved his shoe covers as we have cream carpets!”.


Bev Jones, Richmond


“Aire Serv solved all our problems following a complex breakdown and failure. They provided information in an easy to understand way. A lesson learnt. Using cheaper alternatives proves more costly in the long-run.  Thanks to Aire Serv for some great advice and service”.


Derek Robinson, District Dentists


“Aire Serv is very professional and offers advice that helps you make the right decision”.


John Lynch, Weybridge

Y is for Yoo Hoo

Having shared a great deal about ourselves, we hope you are now itching to contact us. About the only thing left to tell you about Aire Serv is where and how to find us. Yoo Hoo! Here we are:


Click here to send a message to Mel or one of her team to book a service or get that temperamental boiler either repaired or replaced by a shiny new one. They are a friendly and efficient crew who are sitting waiting to help you right now. Or call us directly on 01483 370330. If we don’t pick up straight away we’re probably helping other customers. Please keep trying or leave a message


We promise to call you back sharpish.

Z is for Zealous

When we looked this one up in the dictionary the definition was “filled or inspired by intense enthusiasm or zeal; ardent; fervent”. We thought it over for a few days and decided that describes Aire Serv very well. We love what we do. So …….. when can we meet you?

Why not give us a try? You can call us on 01483 370330


So, when would best fit your schedule?


Click here to send a message to Mel or one of her team and secure your technician’s visit and heating repair now. They’re friendly, efficient and charming.And they’ll get back to you in no time. Or call us directly on 01483 370330 (Same day service and no call out fee). If our lines are busy, please keep trying.