Boiler Cover Plans

Boiler cover plans made simple

We’re the first to admit that the world of cover plans and warranties can be a confusing one. Be it a dishwasher or television, vacuum or freezer – every time you buy a major piece of equipment, the retailer will ask that well-worn question “Would you be interested in buying warranty cover with that?”.

The vast majority of us simply say ‘No thanks’ and scarper with our shiny new purchase.

But the reality is that however inconvenient it might be if your telly or hoover breaks down, it’s not going to leave you shivering in sub- zero temperatures and unable to have a hot bath or shower before you leave for work.

Here at AireServ we believe with all our hearts that a boiler warranty is a very prudent investment. We’re not just saying that because we love heating systems. We’re saying it because we are called out every day of the year by frazzled customers who are cold and desperate to feel clean again but their boiler packed up without warning.

Chances are it could have been avoided.

So allow us to take you by the hand and try to demystify the world of boiler protection cover so you are in possession of all the facts and are able to make an informed decision:

Why Do I Need One?

More than 20% of households suffered from a broken boiler in 2013  according to research from comparision site uSwitch. That’s a whopping fifth.


The average repair bill was in excess of £300. Yet just over a third of homes (36%) have boiler cover. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out that equals a lot of unexpected high bills and accompanying stress.


If your heating system is terminally ill there may be clues, but just as often the whole thing can just shudder to a halt suddenly.


What happens then?


You might find yourselves hit with demands for huge amounts of dosh including the icing on the cake of a call-out charge whilst AireServ warranty holders sleep soundly in their beds, safe in the knowledge that their boilers are glowing with health.


…We’re not trying to be alarmist but cover can also help ensure you get up from your bed in the morning.


A sick and erratically performing boiler can result in fatal carbon monoxide leaks. For that reason alone, an annual service and safety inspection makes sense.


If your boiler is under the weather, it will produce less heat from the gas it utilises. Say hello to bigger bills and a much cooler home.

But I Can’t Afford It. I’m Trying To Save Money

People have building insurance cover because the cost of rebuilding our house were it to burn down would be unthinkable.

We have contents insurance to cover the cost of replacing our valuables if someone breaks into our home and pinches them. Insurance buys us security.

It’s our way of protecting the people and things that are important to us. If you wouldn’t take any risks with your jewellery, carpets or sofas, why take it with the safety and warmth of yourself and your family?

You’re absolutely right – not buying a warranty will save you money…today. But it could just prove a false economy in the future.

To quote Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch:

“In these cash-strapped times, going without boiler cover can seem an easy saving to make. However, it is a gamble which can leave you out of pocket if your boiler packs up and you don’t have the money spare to pay for repairs. The average repair bill in 2013 was £314 – if this would be hard for you to find then boiler cover could give you peace of mind”.

…Plus lashings of lovely hot water and radiators all year round.

Why Should I Choose AireServ?

Lots of Household Name Companies Offer Warranties. Why Should I Choose AireServ?


Why indeed?

We can’t and wouldn’t try to speak for British Gas or Homeserve about the pros and cons of their policies.


What we can do is explain in a little more detail what we here at AireServ believe is important when it comes to warranties. We don’t consider ourselves primarily a home repair service who will come out when your heating system goes seriously kaput.


…Obviously we will always be there if you need us in a crisis, but we don’t see our prime role as the AA of boilers.


Our customer feedback suggests that you would prefer not to have water piddling through your ceiling or a bitterly cold house whilst it’s snowing outside in the first place. Only proper, correct and regular maintenance can assure you of optimum boiler health.


So many of the other warranties on offer are reactive policies. We see ours as more proactive. Our job is to do our very best to ward off disasters by caring for your equipment.


Rather than pouring all our resources into having our engineers flying round to emergencies, our warranties focus on giving your boiler enough positive strokes to keep it humming gratefully and contentedly.


…A regularly serviced boiler equals win-win all the way. For a start you’ll suffer far fewer breakdowns, it’ll last much longer and run more efficiently.


At the risk of blinding you with boiler science, the average boiler lasts 12 years. Proper maintenance can easily extend that by another 25%. The average cost of a boiler insulation is £2500.


Spread over 12 years the cost is £208.33 per annum. Over 16 years this reduces to £156.25. With the average heating repair costing £314 and 1 in 5 homes suffering a breakdown each year, it’s simply cheaper to be safe than sorry.

Can You Spell Out Exactly What Your Warranty Covers?

It is all a bit confusing isn’t it?


We understand where you are coming from. You want to know precisely what you are going to get for your money, what is included and what isn’t. Here we go:


Cover includes parts and labour warranty for:

  • Boiler
  • All controls, timers, thermostats and valves
  • Pumps
  • Header tanks
  • Cylinders
  • Radiators and Pipeworks
  • Radiator Valves


You’re allowed unlimited callouts and we’ll chuck in £300 off a new boiler if yours is unrepairable.


We cover more parts on your system than most other warranty providers and if we haven’t got the part on the day you need it, we’ll move heaven and earth to have it in our mitts by the next day.


And because we’re a lovely, kind bunch at AireServ and we couldn’t sleep at night if we knew you and your family were huddling together for warmth on the sofa, we’ll even leave you portable heaters free of charge if we have to wait 24 hours to get the part that is needed to inject life back into your heating system.


All this comes at a cost of £277 per annum including VAT with no excess to pay (for our Platinum full cover).


Far cheaper than the average cost of an emergency system repair was in 2013.


OK, I’m Still Reading. Tell Me About Your Warranties And What They Cover?


There are four levels of AireServ boiler cover – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. If you are not sure about which would suit you best, please feel free to call us for an informal chat. We can then advise which would be most compatible with your system. Meantime, here’s a little taste of what’s on offer:

Bronze Level


  • Preferential TreatmentAs a preferred customer you will receive Member Only Incentives, programmes and specials not available to non-member customers.
  • Priority ServicesWhen you need us to come out, you get to jump to the head of the queue ahead of all non-member customers calling for a similar service. It’s one of our ways of reminding you that we love you.

Silver Level


Includes all benefits of bronze level plus scheduled maintenance which involves a whole host of goodies such as:

  • Regular health check of your heating and/or cooling system.
  • Total Comfort Tune-Up visits performed to a timetable that is mutually agreeable to you and your local AireServ engineer.
  • Automatic inspection and maintenance of your systems keeps them operating at their peak and with trouble-free efficiency.
  • Potential problems are spotted before breakdown or even worse.

Gold Level

Includes all benefits of the bronze and silver levels plus another wedge of reassurance:


  • Repair coverage on selected home comfort equipment, associated controls and accessible pipework.
  • This level of coverage includes scheduled maintenance that is included in this plan, and excludes compressors, heat exchangers and refrigerant leaks. Repair coverage is available 30 days after the plan start date.
  • Correction of any items found to be defective while performing the Total Comfort Tune-Up must be corrected prior to coverage becoming effective.

Platinum Level

Includes all benefits of the bronze, silver and gold plans yet we have still managed to squeeze a few more strokes out of the hat. For the seriously pampered heating system:


  • £350 towards the repair of compressors, heat exchangers or refrigerant leaks. If the repair exceeds this amount, you may either pay the difference or apply towards replacement of the unit. Repair coverage is available 30 days after the plan start date. Correction of any items found to be defective while performing a Total Comfort Tune-Up must be corrected prior to coverage becoming effective.

There is no higher level than this. We simply can’t do any better. We’ve covered every possible angle, outcome, emergency, nagging doubt, odd knocking noise, minor leak and protection for yourself and your loved ones.

Getting Personal

If you have to have a heating guru coming to your home on a regular basis, isn’t it nicer if it’s someone you know?


Our philosophy has always been that personal service beats impersonal hands down. Self-sacrificing we know, but we actually limit the number of AireServ warranty members to ensure both adequate cover and that there is never a need for us to use outside contractors.


…You will get to know your engineers and hopefully build a rapport with them.


You might even know them already because they tend to live locally. They receive ongoing training, regular industry updates and sit technical examinations. But they don’t keep all that valuable expertise and inside knowledge to themselves.


They so love providing advice and tips on how to get the best from your boiler.


Ask them and they’ll happily spill the beans.

What Are The Risks If I Choose Not To Bother?

There are many reasons why people don’t buy boiler cover ranging from “I haven’t got around to it” to “The cost versus risk factor doesn’t convince me”.


Of the many rationalisations “It won’t happen to me” is right up there at the top. We genuinely hope it doesn’t. But this strategy is as wise as not insuring your home because you don’t think you’ll ever be burgled, or your car because you reckon the odds of having a prang are low.


…The reality is that however much you try to prevent them, things can go wrong and equipment can and does break down.

You could end up cold with no hot water for hours or even days before an engineer you have never used before, and whose competence you have no knowledge of, can fit you in.

You could end up seriously out of pocket because you’ve paid a huge call-out charge and an extortionate fee in desperation.

If your luck is really out that day, you might even end up with a bodged job you have to pay yet another engineer to fix properly, because the first one you phoned won’t come back or is refusing to return your calls.

For the monthly cost of covering a five year old boiler, you could actually be self-insuring  by saving the money you might have to spend were your heating system to pack up.


…We’re not exaggerating when we say that repair fees can run into hundreds or even thousands.

One well-known firm has a call-out cost of £79 for an half an hour’s work if you wait 36 hours on a weekday. Over the weekend that rises to £179 with a minimum six hour wait.


…Not much fun if the temperature is sub-zero and there is an extremely cold baby or toddler in the house.

If extra parts or labour beyond an hour is required, an extra £120 fee is tacked on. No big deal if you have cash to burn but most of us haven’t.


Just think of what that few hundred quid you’ve saved could buy you. It’s a decent mini-break, a posh handbag or pair of shoes, a slap up dinner in that restaurant everyone raves about – or just more in the bank!

Any Discounts To Tempt Me?

Honesty is the only policy at AireServ so our conscience dictates that we sound a note of caution here.


Some companies will offer you a discount if you sign up within a period of time.


However what seems initially like a bargain can result in a nasty shock when you find your annual fee doubles after 12 months. Or you discover that the very reasonable price you were quoted for the second year only applies if you make no claims.


Firms get away with all sorts of crafty exclusions and price hikes because most warranties are paid by direct debit and customers either don’t even notice or can’t be bothered to check or cancel.


Always, always read the small print – it can save you a lot of pain later.


But everyone loves an incentive so here’s a few lovelies to warm the cockles of your wallet/purse.


AireServ members are eligible for a whopping 15% discount on future upgrade works and new boilers. There is no excess to pay unless you choose to.


Our renewal bonus is also pretty generous if we say so ourselves. Even if you have a repair, we guarantee your renewal price will not rise. You will be quoted the same price you paid at plan inception.


No catches, no small print nasties, no shocks to come. Just good, plain old fashioned transparency.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

There are a few random things we’re proud of that we haven’t already mentioned. For example:


  • Our 30 day money back guarantee. No quibbles, promise. You can cancel your plan at any time during the first 30 days. So long as you have not asked us to carry out any repairs or received your ‘Total Comfort’ service during this period, there will be no tantrums on our side. We will simply cancel the plan and refund your dosh quickly and courteously to you.


  • Genuine manufacturer’s parts are always used. The only time we will ever consider replacing a part with a non-manufacturers genuine part is if that part is obsolete and you need the replacement to keep your system running.


  • Heat exchangers are always covered against failure . Yes, that’s right. All heat exchangers. With no exceptions.


  • All makes of boiler are included. There are literally thousands of different makes of boilers installed in homes in the UK. As long as yours is service listed – which means we can get our hands on spare parts – we will happily cover it.


  • No age restrictions. There are also literally thousands of elderly boilers drawing pensions in homes in the UK. But we don’t like ageism here at Aire Serv so we don’t discriminate. We will love your geriatric boiler too so long as we can get the parts should you need them replaced.


  • We will even cover sludge removal. No, it’s not a very pleasant job but if it makes you happy we will do it to the best of our ability and advise you what to do to prevent a build-up. At the risk of blowing our own trumpet here, we don’t know of any other warranty provider who will offer this service without charging you megabucks for ‘powerflushing’. Some even suspend your cover until you have it done.


  • Our engineers are really nice people. Well, we would say that wouldn’t we? But they are so polite and smiley we can’t wait for you to meet them. And every single one of them knows their onions when it comes to heating systems, and can tell you everything you want to know about boilers. Their goal in life is to have you as warm as toast again in no time.

Top Tips For Heating Cover


  • You don’t have to sign up for heating cover with your standard gas supplier. Choose the warranty most appropriate to your needs.


  • An annual service and safety inspection helps reduce the chance of fatal carbon monoxide leaks and improves energy efficiency.
  • Boilers that are not regularly serviced will produce less heat from the gas consumed, which in turn means they cost more to run.


  • Often a boiler will break down without warning. Sometimes when one part starts to go wrong other problems rapidly follow. Here are a few tell-tale signs to watch out for:
    • Radiators don’t get as hot as they should
    • It takes a long time to get hot water from the taps
    • Strange banging noises could mean trouble


  • To help prevent boiler bother, you can:
    • Make sure you keep the whole area around the boiler clean
    • Have regular maintenance checks
    • Don’t overheat your home
  • Turning your central heating thermostat down by 1 degree Celsius could save you 10% on bills.


  • Replacing an old conventional boiler with a high-efficiency condensing boiler will save you around a third on your heating bill, and up to 40% with the right heating controls.


  • Carbon monoxide is the ‘silent killer’ – poisoning can be avoided by ensuring that fuel-burning appliances have the correct level of ventilation. Never allow chimneys or air vents to become blocked. Have your appliances checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer every year.

Why not get your cover started today?
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