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“Our Total Comfort Design System makes your home as warm and
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Dear Homeowner

Re-design your boiler system


Get this wrong now and it’ll be a long time before you’re able to re-design your boiler system. And I guarantee if you do get it wrong, you’ll pay through the nose for your heating bills.


So, before you jump in to simply replacing your boiler or letting a heating company install the system they want…spend a moment to consider how things could be.


Designing systems for homes is a science in itself.


Incorrect design, wrong choice of boiler, lack of or poorly chosen controls can often mean higher than necessary heating bills – often up to an astonishing 45%…and a lack of comfort.

The result? Cold areas..stuffy areas. Hot upstairs. Cold downstairs. Noisy systems. Radiators that are lukewarm. Others, piping hot. And a boiler that turns on and off constantly.

…Sound familiar?


So, what’s most important to you? A cheap installation but high running costs?

Or getting value for money on a perfect installation that gives you warmth, comfort and low running costs over the entire life of the system? And one which has up to six different guarantees in writing.

I’m not exaggerating. And I’m totally serious about these savings. In fact, with our new boilers you’ll save instantly and for good.

Perhaps you think all boilers, heating companies and systems are the same?

Think again…Here’s where Aire Serv differ.


Before even a spanner is lifted, our Comfort Designer will come to your home and carry out a full survey of your home heating needs – free of charge.


We don’t guess what type or size system you need. Nor do we assume the current boiler you have in your home is the best choice and most suitable. We’ll provide proof of what’s required and discuss with you calculations and data. We’ll work out how much heat your home loses and how much it needs for you to be warm and cosy.


…Doesn’t it just makes sense to do these things first?

A system that is perfectly designed is a system that will cost you far less to run, cost less in repairs in future years, plus gives you full comfort all around your home.


You may be surprised to learn just how much money you’ll save each and every day. And your new boiler system will last longer and be a real investment in your home. But most importantly, we will listen to what your needs are. And design the system around what you want.


… Oh, and by the way, the survey is totally free if you mention this website and is worth £80.

Our systems come with six guarantees

Performance Guarantee – our systems heat your home to our design temperatures, or we correct it at no cost to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee – if you aren’t completely satisfied with your new system anytime during the first 12 months, we will make all the necessary changes. Again, at no cost to you.

No Lemon Guarantee – if the unexpected happens and the heat exchanger in your new unit fails within the first year, we will replace the entire boiler. And, if you choose, we can extend this guarantee for up to 10 years.

No Quibble Guarantee – when I say everything needed for the correct installation of your system is included, I mean it. So if I forget anything, I’ll include it at my expense.

System Assurance Guarantee – read the small print on agreements from other companies and you’ll see there is just no comparison to ours. Our full coverage guarantee covers every component of the installation – not just the boiler.

Manufacturers Guarantee included too. Up to 10 years on some select ‘platinum’ products.

Can you think of anyone else prepared to offer you this?


So, why not call us now on 01483 370330? Or if you’re in London 0207 118 7740.


Make it the very next thing you do. Or e-mail us instead if you’re busy and it’s easier.


Yours sincerely

Doug Signature Blue Doug Mulcahy

p.s. What you must know before you do anything…


Time spent researching boilers isn’t particularly fun. Let’s be honest. But that probably tell us why so many homeowners like you pay through the nose for their new boiler.


Not only the day the boiler was installed but every single time they get their heating fuel bill. There is, of course, a very easy, simple way to avoid all this.

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