Too many boiler choices? Fortunately 95% aren’t good enough

Too many boiler choices? Fortunately 95% aren’t good enough

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Every single boiler Aire Serv install in homes across the UK is a Best Buy boiler.

And they’re quite rare, let me assure you.

For a start, they’ve all been recommended by homeowners like you who have used theirs for at least 6 years.

Afterwards, they’re tested rigorously for proof of quality.

For every 100 boilers that pour in, 95 are chucked out.

Only 5 in 100 are selected, stamped and sent to me, ready to offer to you.

48% of 7 year old boilers have experienced a fault of some kind.

But you can easily avoid the same pitfall.

And meanwhile, you can be slashing your heating bill – perhaps by as much as 45%.

Every boiler we install is manufactured here in Great Britain.

Every boiler falls into the top 5% for efficiency and reliability.

If you want added assurances, all the more reason to ask Aire Serv to provide you with them.

Because we will give you 6 guarantees. That’s right – six.

Performance Guarantee – our systems heat your home to our design temperatures, or we correct it at no cost to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee – if you aren’t completely satisfied with your new system anytime during the first 12 months, we will make all the necessary changes. Again, at no cost to you.

No Lemon Guarantee – if the unexpected happens and the heat exchanger in your new unit fails within the first year, we will replace the entire boiler. And, if you choose, we can extend this guarantee for up to 10 years.

No Quibble Guarantee – when I say everything needed for the correct installation of your system is included, I mean it. So if I forget anything, I’ll include it at my expense.

System Assurance Guarantee – read the small print on agreements from other companies and you’ll see there is just no comparison to ours. Our full coverage guarantee covers every component of the installation – not just the boiler.

Manufacturers Guarantee included too. Up to 10 years on some select ‘platinum’ products.

Can you think of anyone else prepared to offer you that?

Grab your fuel bill savings. Grab your 6 guarantees. And relax.

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