Why do so many installers get it so wrong?

Why do so many installers get it so wrong?

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I’m sure you’re thinking – ‘why do so many installers get it wrong?’

Good point.

It appears finding a heating company prepared to carry out a full, proper survey of your home heating is nigh on impossible.

Without a survey, how can you be sure the recommended boiler and system is the best fit for your home.

Let’s be honest, get it wrong and you’ll have to put up with the same system for the next 12 -15 years until it needs replacing again. And you’ll overpay your heating bills every day until then.

Here are the reasons why systems are incorrectly sized. And what this means for you –

1. Evaluating your specific home heating load requirement takes time. Walls are measured, the square footage of your home is calculated, windows too. Door types, ventilation losses assessed, u values of walls and loft spaces are all brought into the equation.

2. It’s all very technical and a little scientific. Perhaps not all companies possess the necessary skills.

3. Nor do they give themselves sufficient time to carry out a full survey.

4. And if they did spend more time assessing, what if you give the work to another company after all their efforts? They consider the survey to be a waste of their time.

5. They don’t really care if they get it wrong. They will err on their side of safety (oversizing). They don’t pay the utility bill. And anyhow, how will you ever know if you are overpaying?

So what do I suggest you do?

Well, if you’re thinking of getting a number of quotes for your replacement system, I’d ask the company representatives how they know for certain the recommended size of the unit is correct.

And ask them to prove it.

I can assure you when one of our Aire Serv comfort designers visits your home, we calculate with certainty how much – or how little – heat your home needs to get it as warm and comfortable as you want it to be.

And then we stand behind our findings with a full performance and satisfaction guarantee. If the system does not perform to your design standards we’ll correct it at no cost to you.

And if you’re not completely satisfied with the system any time within the first 12 months, we will make any necessary changes – again at no cost to you.

Fair deal?

We design systems for homes like yours every day. We’ll make you comfortably warm and ensure you have the lowest possible running costs.

Nothing is left to chance.

Why not call us now on 0207 118 7740? Everyday you wait is another day you overpay your heating bill.

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